Look for blue!

The color of the year is classic blue, more precisely 19-4052 Classic Blue. Throughout the year, it should dominate the design, fashion and beauty industries. If you look at your own wardrobe, you will find in it at least one colored piece. It is the most timeless of the world. She was loved by Impressionist painters, but Pablo Picasso also had a blue era, and Piet Mondriann played with this shade in his famous abstract geometric blue-red constructivist compositions that inspired designer Yves Saint Laurent to create a series of iconic miniatures in the 1960s. And cool, we can say that blue is the new black today, because it is a symbol of supreme elegance. The palette of colors with which we can combine it – blue-green, red, purple, terracotta, ocher, yellow, shades of brown and even black – is also striking.

You will find interesting timeless pieces in second-hand shops. And you can wear them in the trend of the season without heedlessly plundering new collections in fast fashion chains. Upgrade your outfit with a trendy handbag and you have restyling like embroidered. In the Vintage shop we discovered beautifully curved blue cocktails made of fine synthetic knit. Betting on bold blue accessories also pays off, highlighting every outfit. Clutch royal blue velvet handbag will not be lost in the closet. If you are lucky you will find blue leather gloves or a blue hat. A long knitted lurex knitted vest in blue gold tones, complemented by a ocher blouse with a distinctive ’70s collar a’ must have ‘spring season. The more pronounced the collar, the better. Very good service in timeless wardrobe will do light blue shirt. We discovered a beautiful sheaf in a steel-blue shade and completed it with a denim skirt, blue-white strass bracelet and pearls. And thirdly, in the spring, the word for coloured skin. We fell in love with a dark blue jacket with raglan sleeves and padding. And important advice to conclude, if you choose to discover vintage pieces, focus on the quality of the material. Above all, have a vision of what you are looking for and what you will wear it for. Otherwise, in a flood of things on the hangers you get lost in translation and in the closet, you will eventually add more lagers. But searching is worth it!