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October 27, 2021Novosti

Zaboravljeni modni detalj

U našem sortirnom centru, od 17 miliona kilograma razvrstanog tekstila i modnih dodataka godišnje, susrećemo se sa svime, od rijetkih vintage komada do uništenih i isprljanih komada tekstila. Tekstil koji nije prikladan za prodaju...

June 29, 2020Novosti

Cult Ramoneska

Ramoneska is a jacket that won the hearts of Serbian women and is already a classic. It will add a claw to every stylization. Ramoneska was designed for motorcyclists, propagated by actors and rock musicians. In Poland, this short,...

June 27, 2020Novosti


Does grey have to be boring? Grey in fashion has never played a leading role. It was usually an addition, thanks to which other colours stood out in the foreground. Grey is the colour of safe suits worn for work or sad suits. In our...

June 20, 2020Novosti

Look for blue!

The color of the year is classic blue, more precisely 19-4052 Classic Blue. Throughout the year, it should dominate the design, fashion and beauty industries. If you look at your own wardrobe, you will find in it at least one colored...

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